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A Minneapolis Architect Represents You, and Not the Builder

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You probably wonder why hire an architecture firm when there are so many firms that design and build at the same time, and they are very popular among customers. Such firms claim to offer great savings.
However, that “saved” value in most cases is obtained at the expense of design integrity, architectural originality and build quality. Such firms usually present you slight variations of the same design and due to the fact that they do everything, from design to building, the final quality of your home is at their mercy. There is no one to advocate for the customer’s interests.
If you hire an architect, he or she will represent you, and not the builder. He/she will insist to have multiple bids and a correct comparison of the prices. There are builders who do appreciate this transparency, but there are others who do not.
Moreover, if your architect presents construction documents at a professional level, it will be easier for builders to deal with the project as this will save them much time and will eliminate substantial guesswork and a big part of the costs.
This great work done by the Minneapolis architect should determine them to reduce their bids considerably, and this would be good for you.
7 Questions to Ease the Process of Hiring a Minneapolis Architect
While choosing a Minneapolis architect, you should not rely only on seeing some houses designed by them and asking people if they were satisfied by the architect’s work. You have to meet that architect and ask him/her a series of questions:
1. Is he/she an architect or a designer? The difference is that an architect has undergone more study, training and testing than a designer.
2. Does he/she have experience at the same scale your project needs? The more homes of a similar caliber they have designed, the better.
3. Do they have a particular design philosophy or all their works look similar? A wide range of styles is certainly to your advantage.
4. Do they listen more or talk more? An architect should listen to what you say and try to know you better, in order to offer you a project to fit your style.
5. What services do they offer? “Full service” is not a good answer and should be detailed.
6. Do they work with several builders? It is in your interest to have several builders to bid and get a fair price.
7. What do the fees include? You need to know how deep your Minneapolis architect will be involved in the construction process and if he/she can really represent you in the relationship with the builder.